A downloadable BOTL for Windows


Battle of the Legends was the first game I made. This game is about the journey of the infamous Dragon Ball Z character Krillin to rescue other heroes who have been trapped by the corresponding villains. I created this game at the College of Marin Game Development 1 Course, and was my first official game, that I am still proud to have made to this day. During the development of this game, I got help from others in the class which I am grateful for.

Game designer  -  Rohan Ayyar

These people made contributions to:

Game Design - Joel Guitron
Level design, coding - Ryan Breyer
Level and Art design - Nathaniel Grgunia
Coding -  Solomon Smith
Tech  Issues  -  Steve Rosas
Music -  Iiro Papinniemi, Sonic Skillz, theskybreakerv3
Game Design Spring 2017 Class !!!

Now that you know the work put in to create this project, I would like to present Battle of The Legends.

NOTE TO EVERYONE PLAYING THIS GAME!!! People were asking me questions about this, so I wanted to clear all of it up. I worked in all of the areas I credited others for. I worked on most of the code (MoveScript, EnemyScript, etc), most of the art (created the Krillin, Both Enemies, Megaman, Mario, Goku, etc) and a fair amount of the level design. I also created the splash screen and icon and created and uploaded the trailer. The people who made contributions made small ones in their area to help me out. I just wanted to clear this all up because people thought that I did not contribute much to this project and since the build is already up, I can't change the credits screen anymore. Now that I got my word out, I hope that you enjoy this game!!!

Install instructions

1. Download the file.

2. Extract the zip file into a normal file.

3. Click the exe file in the folder.

4. Enjoy!


Battle of the Legends Build.zip 35 MB